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723, up 23% from last year, customers are near a breaking point, i am sure the banks are big businesses and they or a mission they got to make money. if you don't like it, vote with your feet. that is my two cents more, that is it for the willis report, gerri willis will be back tomorrow. >> good evening i'm lou dobbs, world leaders descending on new york city for the united nations general assembly. president obama, and iranian mad man, mahmoud ahmadinejad is in this great city of ours at this hour, leader of the freeze world choosing to hang out with the ladies of the view, while mahmoud ahmadinejad reiterates his threats against israel, this time from american soil. president, signing secretary of
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state hillary clinton to deal with world leaders who asked to meet with the president of the united states, of some of these world leaders part of a trouble fusioa --troubling new trend thy they can tell the most powerful nation on earth what to do. telling new york time over the week that america needs to find more respect for muslim values, the united states must respect the arab world's history and culture even when that conflicts with western values, pakistan foreign minister, questioning our constitution, saying that american which rethink its commitment to freedom of speech, and benjamin netanyahu urging president obama to accept a red line regarding iran's nuclear ambitions, a line that if crossed would compel the u.s. to act militarily, meanwhile,
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president obama downplays the significant of murder of a u.s. ambassador. and anti-american rage spreading throughout the american field. >> i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain, there will be bumps in the road, in a lot of these places, one organizing principle has been islam, one part of society that has not been controlled by the government. lou: governor romney seizing the moment attacks the president on his foreign policy miscues, democrats tried to push foreign policy as one of the president's strengths. >> said that developments in middle east are bumps in the road. that was my reaction. bump in the road? we have an ambassador assassinated. a muslim brotherhood member electioned to presidency of egypt. 20,000 people have been killed in syria. we have tumult in pakistan, iran
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is that much closer to having the capacity to build a nuclear weapon, these are human lives, not bumps in the road. lou: we will take this up talking with national security experts and we'll talk with national leading doctors, jeffrey garder, and robby ludwig, to psycho analyze the president, and governor romney. the politics of this presidential race. we begin tonight with waleed farris, serves as foreign policy senior advisor to governor romney. also with us, pulitzer prize winning journalist, judy miller, let me begin with you, bumps in the road. what in the world could the president have been saying? and why would he say such a thing. >> he was speaking lou about the
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sweep of what happened. happened. >> he was talking about recent development that was the question. >> in context of getting rid of dec traitors, -- dictators, a lot of bad things are going to happen, it would have been easier if the president said i did not choose the most elegant words as governor romney. lou: that word is getting bandied around. >> i think that he did not mean that deet of an american ambassador and three other american officials was just a bump in the road. lou: do you agree. >> i do agree that he did not mean that the killing of our ambassador is not what he said, but the bumps in the road, you look close, there are 5 major ongoing crisis, al qaeda is penetrating libya, muslim brother hood is transforming egypt. there is a bloody civil war going on in syria, these are not bumps in the road.
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lou: to it, we suddenly have foreign leaders speaking publicly telling the united states, in this case, president obama, what to do. morsi of course that was an ex cordnary inter-- extraordinary interview with "new york times," suggestions that we abandon our culture, heritage, constitutions and be what they are. >> it seems this might be why the president wants to spend more time with the women of the view then with his fellow leaders. last year he did 13 birk lets, look at -- bilats at u.n., this year he is doing none because he is rerunning for president. he knows that foreign policy does not play well, and does not want have to the conversation
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right now, he will have it later. lou: is that not his responsibility? >> absolutely, any president is the chief educator of the public, he has to explain to the american public what were the reasons behind the killing of an ambassador and staffer, it is not a movie, this is al qaeda. he has tech stocks are plain it why -- he has to explain it, why we were not able to roll back the nuclear and missile program in iran, but he chose not to do it at this point. lou: we understand from the white house that president, tomorrow, speaking to general assembly, will express his rejection of the values and views and innocence of muslims that two bit amateurish silly movie, that was put up youtube. president of the united states will make a second appearance on the issue of this ignorant movie, what in the world is going on here? >> my understanding, that he is
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also going to demount the denounc the violent, and saying no matter how insulted they are there is no justification for such violence, but he has to protect, he is commander in chief, he must protect the americans, and foreign service officers and state officials out in the field, he is trying to calm the watters. it is a delicate line to walk, i think he is doing a fairly good job at the moment. lou: waleed? your thoughts that a president is engaging in such i don't know what one would call it i will resist urge to call it what comes first to mind, your thoughts ? >>i think that advice initially to have the president sort of addressing muslim world directly at united nations. but here again in say medium, a missing link, the president of egypt who having addressing the
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egypegyptians, and president of libya who should be addressing the libyans and on and on. >> thank you both for very much. waleed farris and judy miller thank you. >> thank you. lou: we'll be right back after this. >> 43 days until the election, governor romney hammering the president on everyone from the faltering economy to obama's bumps in the road trivialation of the terrorist attacks, the a team. next. >> where were these tapes in the '08 election? newly discovered audiotape, a young senator intent to build a coalition of the wealthy americans and working poor, we'll show you in the chalk talk. so... [ gasps ]
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lou: new poles show governor romney with a sharp lead among middle class, we take that up and a great deal more with the a-team. but first on wall street stocks moving a little bit. slightly lower, dow jones down on monday, 15 in past 16 mondays. s&p 500 drown. and nazdaq down 19, apple reporting sales, disappointing sales, they sold only 5 million
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of those iphones over the weekend, but that lower than expectations, and apple stock paying the price. facebook, stock down another 9%. closing near $21. that after baron's values facebook at $15 a share, you might say, $6 to go. oil -- crude oil market moving lower, crude below $92 on continued weakness in the world economy. to politics, a new poll from george washington university. has governor romney with a 14 point lead over president obama with middle class families, joining us now a-team, kelly ann conway, and hank shine coff. good to have you here, kelly ann. governor romney on the campaign trail is really battering the president on this bump in the
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road comment. is it a demonstration of intellectual inp integrity. >> that is leadership, people want romney to go into the first presidential debate who put romney away in the race in florida where he bested annuity begin newnewtgingrich. who is the best debater. it is relevant. romney does best when he is the under dog. on the ropes, this lead by 14 points in middle class, most americans think of themselves in middle class, and most are struggling is a political number, politico buried that lead, they led with romney pulling away. lou: i forgot the question. >> it depends on where those
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middle class people are, there are three places this matters, ohio, virginia and florida. lou: president obama still maintains a lead. >> he leads in those places, and this is hilarious because senate race in virginia appears to be a lock, and obama is running away with the state, it is a bad campaign they need too take stronger issues. putting president on notice. on real issues. lou: i am hearing you say, what kelly ann would not, governor romney is doing the right thing. >> americans don't give the presidency up lightly to anyone, they don't take it away easily, if you want the job, you have to fight for it and be clear, romney is a mush. >> i think that romney is doing that, that is the point, he is doing what he needed to do, and he is capable. high did it in florida with 14 million negative ads, he did it in florida now to pou put awy
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obama. higohio -- he should put obama o task on that bump in the road. president obama said that the greatest disappointment for him as president has been two different things, in front of univision, the lack of immigration policy, to 60 minutes, he gave that interview, he said his greatest disappointment he could not change the tone in washington. with this awful economy, his greatest disappointment is washington? >> then in same sentence, attacked republicans. >> i am not smart enough about policy to make decisions, but i did politics and propaganda, you take that bump in the road thing, you wrap every ad around it, take some out on bump on road, be a parts of here is what
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you are going to do. faster he does that faster probability of winning. lou: romney says, being asked, by pehl -- scott pelley, about taking to task people want toking change the team because he -- 47% comment. i thought to romney's credit, he said, that is not his campaign, that is him. and you know, you almost recoil for a second, say, this guy that wants to be president who takes personal responsibility, for what some see as a screw up. >> that is leadership, he is a businessman, you know there are metrics, you have to talk about changing the bottom line, and employing people, i love hank's idea, i hope that romney campaign is watching in 30 second ad should be 17 seconds of bump in the road then hillary clinton and her 3:00 a.m. ad
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from 4 years ago, first to raise doubts about his leadership in the globe, and it turns out they were right. i think that governor romney could take that and make a big issue, he needs to break out that economy and jobs are not enough, he needs energy. >> let me ask you this, in your opinion, you are a political maven. kelly ann in right, about governor romney has not been able to breakthrough 23 million people are out of work, president cannot create jobs, he is not trying to sufficiently hard or intelligently to grow the economy, at this point, what is governor romney left with? he spend this time talking about, you are better off than 4 years ago, and the voting public said, who cares. >> who cares because he is not communicating, the way that people communicate with today, they do not in 45 minute or 10
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minute conversations, 150 characters is a lot. okay, he is not taking that way, ads should be done produced quickly. >> i love that fact that governor romney said, president obama jumped gun there. he said it, talking about libya attack. you think -- you know here is such a nice guy, romney saying he jumped gun, he sort of at same time, he is attacking the guy, saying you know. >> probably nice enough but facting are to get this job, you have to prove you are prepared to wage the kind of campaign that says you can run the nation, he is not doing it right now. lou: who won that engagement last night on 60 minutes ? >> i think that romney did, president obama looking defensive. and when he looks defensive he is not obama 2008. >> i do not agree, i think that own ebobama swept it he was cled looked human, and took characteristic that americans like about him, his likability.
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lou: i thought this first two parts, the two men were responding to questions, that was a tie between the two. have you two smart knowledgeable guys, second part with issue of leadership, scott pelley, and crop, and i mean, romney was terrific, i have to tell i, obama of flat as he could be. that is the reason i give the night to romney. >> thank you, both. appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: a slow weekend at the box was on the, i mean close. somebody is getting kind of tired of hollywood. and what they are putting out, overall box office receipts down 25% from the si -- same period r ago, something is going on, hollywood better figure it out, iit may have something to to wih their talk about politics, and police drama end of watch, taking top spot with $13.1 million, that is all, and horror film, house at the end of
7:20 pm
the street, close second, 13 million. clint eastwood's, trouble with the curve rounding out top 3. and on small screen, football rules night. nbc sunday night football, emmy awards number 2. and ratings for show lower than last year, hbo number one in terms of picking up emmys, picking up 23. >> up next, president obama's what? aggressive agenda. how close was this president then to creating his coalition of the poor, well we'll look at tonight a chalk talk and tell how that telescopes to today. later, early votes across the nation, don't the states realize that election day is in november, what are we doing? we'll take up that with james freeman of the "wall street journal" in moments.
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>> i think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pull resources, and hence facilitate some redifferent dog, i believe -- redistribution, i believe in redistribution at a 7 leve certn level to make sure that everything has got a shot. lou: then illinois state senator barack obama talking in 1998 about redistribution of wealth, he sounds like the president obama of 2012. those were comments that some in mainstream libya media were taken out of context. they are quite silly and
7:25 pm
partisan. in great reporting by daily caller they obtained the complete remarks of then straight senator obama. about almost one and three-quarters hours. here is one particular revealing expert by mr. obama. >> to even we're doing research figuring out what kind of government action would successfully make their align better, we're putting in a potential majority coalition to move those agendas forward. >> majority coalition, that is what it was all about, back then. and to bring that to be, that majority coalition, it would include churns, labor unions, community organizers that obama wanted to empower and coordinate
7:26 pm
and combine. but let's put it if con-- context. there was some sophisticated talk. about the economy, and about making lives better. it was not as if democrats on the left were powers back in in october 1998, they were left wing they liked being out there. remember this, in october of 1998, bill clinton was president of the united states, a democrat, and democrat richard m daley was still mayor of chicago, things were good for democrats in 1998, and really good for the country. the national unemployment rate, back then, was 4.5%. 4.5% un.
7:27 pm
% unemployment. i mean that looks good. in the city of chicago of it better, 4.3%, these folks are having discussion how they are going to help the poor, create a coalition of working poor, and those on welfare. extraordinary it seems -- by the way, did you know in there entire tape there was not one reference to welfare reform, or the fact that welfare roles were falling a dramatic rate at united states because of president clinton and the republican party cooperation and creating welfare reform. i don't know why they would not take note of that? and the economy, good grief! it was rolling, gdp back then oh, those were the days. 4.4%.
7:28 pm
in 1998. 7.1%, just look at this. 7.1% in the fourth quarter as they were meeting in 1998. wow. the status, building that fancy coalition. i don't think they were convincingly they could say opressed by the economy, and political system by the way they controlled threled through thei, and an economy of that robust, and prosperous. telescope forward, now, obama 14-year-old philosophy is now president obama's policy, coalition of dependency of work offing poor has grown hugely in less than 4 years, look at numbers, to give you a sense how
7:29 pm
it is working, 46-poin 464 milln american owes -- 46.4 million americans or food stamps, increase of 44% since the president took office. nearly 11 million americans 11 million, are on disability. that by the way, 5.5 million have been added since president obama took was on the. it has doubled. meanwhile, about 56 million people, are enrolled in medicaid as of 2011. i mean, that is up from 50.8 so, the numbers just get huge, and obamacare alone theic planned medicaid to an additional 1 19.6 million americans. increasing medicaid spending by 18% over the next two years, and more than doubles this in next
7:30 pm
10 years. and 23 million americans that are unemployed. i know a lot of people don't like to take note of this, but this is important, these are our fellow citizens we're talking about, other they have given up looking for work all together. that is rounded off to 50 million, and you talk about close to 100 million americans, there is some duplication, of 100 million. probe probe saw as a potential -- what president obama saw as a potential majority coalition has moved quickly toward reality, thankthanks in no small measureo his policies, for a greater dependency and growth in coalition, of the working poor, those enough to have a job, and those on welfare, if they could swamp america, and as early as
7:31 pm
november 6. unless we are indeed diligent. >> how do president obama and governor romney do in their 60 minute interviews? who do you think won? we psycho analyze the candidates and interviewers with psychologist jeff garder and robby ludwig. >> vice president joe biden well-known for his gaffes. >> what am i talking about. i tell you, what you make everyone else stand up. >> his mom, lived in long island for 10 years, god rest her soul -- oh, way she still alive, is your dad passed ? >> his wife has loose lips as well, the tape of what happened when the bidens are on the campaign trail. >> president obama all in on
7:32 pm
green jobs with our money. author of regulating to disaster, the president is pursuing not only alternative energy but an alternative in reality.
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♪ lou: key differences emerging between the president and the governor, and i don't mean political differences, differences in terms of pummelling mr. dick responsibility. ss and psychoanalyze these two candidates, particularly through the lens of the cbs 60 minutes. these two. psychotherapists, psychologists, college of osteopathic medicine joining us now. let's start with you. who won the appearances? a wedding appearance? >> i don't think there were any
7:36 pm
winners. they were trying to look like winners. there were trying to get the sense of being honest that there were going to take responsibility for the accuracies and certainly not so much for the inaccuracies. so i think that was there. debate. here we go. romney versus president obama. >> romney was kind of polonized since he was made to look as an elitist as a result of the interview, so he walked away from that interview needing to do some explanations on this on behalf. >> and some energy. lou: are you talking about 47? >> oh, yes. yes. >> but he took -- >> he took responsibility after the fact. >> you know what, that wasn't my team. >> is nothing wrong with that. take responsibility. lou: here romney did precisely that. >> a lot of people were concerned about the video of the
7:37 pm
fund-raiser in which you talked about that 37 percent of the american people don't pay taxes. peggy noonan, a very well-known conservative columnist said that it was an example of this campaign being incompetent. and i wonder if any of that criticism gets through to you and what your concerns are. the concerns of your -- >> the campaign. that was me. that's not the campaign. i have a very effective campaign is doing a very good job, but not everything i say is elegant, and i want to make it very clear. i want to help 100 percent of the american people. lou: that sun did write to me. >> you know, i like him. i think he comes off as a stand-up guy. honest. listen. he is a wealthy, successful man. i don't think he should be demonized, but does it mean that he does not have a feel for people who are not doing well in this country? he has a different approach to
7:38 pm
what he thinks america should be doing right now in order to regain its success and, you know, i respect his perspective. >> i was just glad that he did not weasel out of it. what he was trying to do, when you make a statement that powerful, don't particularly agree with it is immobile when you make one that powerful you have to stand behind it because then all you end up doing if you don't do that is making yourself look bad, and that's what he did for the first few days. here, you finally get the winning formula. on up to it. it's too you are and what your campaign is about. lou: you don't like the blame game. >> it does not work and marriage counseling and is not going to work here. >> i agree. lou: marriages across the country. let's resolve this. the president's admitting that there were inaccuracies in its campaign ads cbs poll that out. i am watching scott paillasse question of governor romney and it was on ending. good lord, that could have been one of my questions it was a
7:39 pm
long. in asking questions of the presidents and their like that. what is that about? mark hostility on the part of -- >> what about? lou: quaffed was differential, pressing, from, but deferential, as he should be. >> there is a liberal bias. we all know it. it is quite extreme, and we see it in these debates are going on. you know, how reporters ask questions, the way in which those questions are asked. and as a viewer and as an american, it really feels unfair to me that there is this bias. even saturday night live was making fun of, you know, mitt romney and the commercial. lou: even saturday night live. >> that's true. that's true. yes. that's true. >> i think in all honesty, though, people or people. humans are humans, and it is
7:40 pm
hard for them to separate prices, even as journalists. even though. that is what -- lou: psychologists. we are here to help separate those biases. >> it has changed. a lot of reporters now like when someone does not -- they like the bias. [talking over each other] >> you have conservative tv. we know that. lou: let's bring it back to what we're talking about, these two men. the question, i personally think that obama fumbled it about as badly as one could ask. an artful, and imagine if, on original. the governor was original, straightforward, well read bringing out the john quincy adams' book. the fact of the matter is, that made all the difference. >> his own republican critics has to step up, be much more presidential. he has not been able to.
7:41 pm
lou: are not answering my question. you're talking about some blather. >> but i think he handled it well, and that's the key -- lou: you give him credit which exactly. there is no bias here. i'm being analytical. he festival and delivered on that. he did on that one. >> i wonder if his good looks worked against him. lou: liabilities. strengths become weaknesses. some world. [talking over each other] the imagination is boundless. we will continue with them at the earliest opportunity next. thank you very much. up next, vice-president biden well-known for his. [indiscernible] we have the tape next. coming up tomorrow economist author joins us.
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michael holland darn services judiciary committee member, congressman randy ford is on the war on terror. a war on terror and there was a terrorist attack. it just took one week for this demonstration to figure that out. for coming right back. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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lou: vice president, loose lips, sometimes they cannot open his mouth without putting his foot in it, but last friday it was his wife jill was having something of a slip up. here she is introducing her husband at a campaign event. pay close attention if well, to the whole thing. >> this election is personal to me. it is deeply personal to the man i am about to introduce. i have seen show up close. i have seen how -- [applause]
7:46 pm
it is in my remarks, really. lou: it went on from there, believe me. it does apparently run in the family. forty-three days until election day, unless you live in one of two dozen states where early voting is already under way in one form or another. by the end of this week voters and more than 30 states will have been able to cast ballots either in person or by mail despite the fact that the depositors are candid it's about even had their first debate. joining a stop to discuss election politics, assistant editorial page editor, this has reached a level of madness. why? it seems utterly ridiculous you would have a people the teeseven group of people entitled to different privileges, one right as a citizen, which is to vote and traditionally which has been on one day. >> traditionally we left it up to the states determine when and what the circumstances are. i think, for example, if you
7:47 pm
could vote no and i have to listen to these guys for the next month and change, wouldn't you be happy? >> i would not be any happier. i am delighted to hear them. this has been quite a contest. i think it's one of the most interesting, invigorating contest the we have seen. you want to compare it to 2004 or 2010 that is a different process. the electoral result was interesting, but the rest of think was. this was terrific. the entertainment value aside. i am a little more concerned about the outcome and the capacity and exposure and the possibility of manipulation of the results that come with early voting in the minds of many. >> well, that's a separate issue lou: completed and call it part of the deal. >> we are all against manipulation, but scheduling, you could argue that you really want people to stick around and watch the debate and learn more
7:48 pm
about the candidates. on the other hand, you can make people watch the debates. lou: your view on this is guided by entertainment. you would not want an informed citizen. you would not want to have the burden of knowledge about the candid it's, views, capacities. you would not want that. let's vote in september. >> are you kidding me? editorial page editor of the wall street journal. do you feel you have not seen enough of the obama presidency and mitt romney to make a decision that? >> i really do not in any way think that we should constrain or curtail this campaign whatsoever. i want to see. >> were going with the traditional constitutional. lou: utterly distorted the question. since. >> let's say someone has done all your they're really what obama romney in of want to go ahead and put the vote in and not worry about.
7:49 pm
lou: 200 years of history would suggest they wait until tuesday. >> the founders did not say it was going to be november. lou: ended nasa the founders. asset history and tradition. you seem to be just giddy with the entertainment prospect, the leisure little. >> i think it is maybe not as big a problem as it might seem because i think what you would find is most of the early voting is the hard core where one party or another has lined its definite. lou: you're not worried about all of those ballots being insecure? your not worried at all about that? >> you're saying. [talking over each other] lou: that philosophy, for crying out loud, you embrace such a cavalier attitude toward one of
7:50 pm
our most cherished rights. giving the philosophy, libertarianism, conservatism. >> two different subjects. lou: i am not a musher. i make inflator, but not a musher. >> whether you protect the integrity of the ballot, and the mall for that. north to 100 percent, protecting the integrity. showing idea is a great idea. lou: very nice. you have a little fellow? >> that would work for me. it sounds good. lou: a man from an american, very comfortable with this country, the electoral process, my good friend. still after all this. thank you for being here. up next, the president's dream jobs initiative driving the economy, welcome into the red. we'll show you how much it is costing all of us here next. stay with us. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling.
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♪ lou: green jobs, they're going to save the economy, aren't they? we are in deep, deep trouble if anyone missed a follow-up on that suggestion. the numbers to a quite different reality. dramatically rising energy prices, and that is horrible prospects of greater economic growth. the president's claim to green future, she says a myth. the author of this book regulating to disaster. grain policies are damaging the economy. it will be released tomorrow. great to have you with this. you say that, in fact, the policies being pursued in the name of green actually hurting the poor. >> wind energy and solar power
7:55 pm
are more expensive ways of making electricities. they raise the electricity bill. most people don't know that. green is great. wind and solar power are great. we need more, but really, if we taught these kids, look, more green energy means that you have parents that will have less money to take you on vacation, less money to buy you the iphone. many would say, not that interested. lou: there are some, as you point out, that are members of this palm theocratic a ball, this orthodoxy that has risen up . flail me. it's all in the name of green. it's all good. talk about time if you will,. >> these union thought that if they jump on the green jobs bandwagon there would be more jobs for that union member.
7:56 pm
wind and solar are making electricity more expensive. that means manufacturing does not want to come here as much. these unions aware as they jump on the bandwagon, turn out to be losers. in fact, obama detailed the keystone xl pipeline which would have given them more jobs constructing it and refineries. lou: that we are giving to the real essence of its dammar and we? this presidential race is making it very clear. this is all about power. jobs may be, if you will, the cover for it all. lou: exactly. the green jobs they talk about are often relabel jobs. if you put in a low flow toward that you have a green job. lou: don't forget that bicycle. think you for being here. the book is regulating to disaster, have a range of policies are damaging america's future.
7:57 pm
congratulations. all the best. >> great to be with you. lou: when you're a spines why america is going to the dogs. i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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lou: joe writes on facebook, america is going to the dogs,
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